Smithey Ironware

SMITHEY IRONWARE hand makes cast iron and carbon steel cookware. They have a polished interior surface on every piece and pre-seasoned that makes it nonstick out of the box. They are perfect for in your kitchen or outdoors on the grill or over the camp fire.


KNIVES we carry a number of different knives in stock from LEM products and also from Killer Hogs in different sizes.

Champ Chef

CAMP CHEF offers many different gas burners for heating water, sauces or canning. We also carry the Woodwind series pellet smokers that have the jerky accessory racks that can triple your space for making jerky, smoked Salmon and much more.


TAPPECUE is a temperature monitoring company. They make wireless air probe thermometers and wired units. You can keep track of your temperatures when smoking if you are at home or on the go with their wifi units.


THERMOWORKS sets the standard for instant check thermometers. They are super accurate and built well with innovative deigns. We carry the Thermopens, Pops, Signals and Smoke in our store.